What Does Roguelike Mean In 2020?

Once strictly defined, roguelikes now encompass a wide range of popular titles incorporating procedural generation and permadeath in ways far beyond what the original designers of Rogue could have ever imagined. But what does it mean to be a roguelike in 2020? Is progression between runs really heretical? Where do “roguelites” fit in? What keeps players coming back again and again? A procedurally-generated expert panel of game developers and those who play them will discuss these topics, answer audience questions, and more.


Clint Tasker [Co-Founder, Thorium], Derek Johnson [Founder, Thorium], Derek Yu [Founder, Mossmouth], Jeremy Parish [Co-Host, Retronauts], @Wanderbots [Youtube Channel Host, Wanderbots], Casey Yano [Co-Founder, Megacrit]