Werewolf Online: Flowerew Home Edition

The residents of Flowerew have resorted to self-isolation to try and eliminate the Werewolf pandemic, but not everyone has been were-ing their masks! The werewolves are up 2-0; can the villagers claw one back, or will the wolves howl once again?

Moderated by Dave Douds (Werewolf Melbourne), starring actors Kevin Powe, Jessica Hutchinson (‘Strings Attached’), GM extraordinaire Jimmy Reilly (GM4Hire), marriage celebrant Gemma Duncan, improv artist Elizabeth Donald, and game designers Bekki Broughton and Darryl Browne.


Dave Douds [Owner Moderator, Werewolf Melbourne], Kevin Powe [Actor, Voice Over Tavern], Jimmy Reilly [Head GM, GM4Hire], Jessica Hutchinson [Actor, Independent], Gemma Duncan [Celebrant, Gemma Duncan, Celebrant], Dinesh Matthew [Actor, Independent], Bekki Broughton, Darryl Browne