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Truck Off on Sovranti

Truck Off is played over five rounds, after which the player with the most money earned wins. Each round, players simultaneously select, then reveal which venue they will park at placing their food trucks next to that venue. A die is then rolled at each venue to determine how many people actually showed up at each venue. Each player then simultaneously selects which special action(s) they choose to execute this round. Starting with the first player token, players play and execute one action in a clockwise manor until all actions have been played and executed. After players are done executing actions, profits are split between each truck at the venue.

Keep board gaming social while the system handles all the details: game setup, rules enforcement, whose turn it is and record keeping. Sovranti also provides prompts to help learn the game and make decisions faster. Play more games, play more often! Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Get a sneak peak of Sovranti before it’s released! In preparation for the event, please have Discord setup and the Sovranti app downloaded on a Mac or Windows device.

To download the Sovranti App, visit our website: If you have any questions about setting up the Sovranti App you can:

1. View our detailed instructions:

2. Email us at

3. Join us on discord 15 minutes prior to your session time and we will be available to help you get started. Our Discord Channel: