Timezone Tango in “Slaying the Impostor”

Last year, our crew spoke about our recent experiences breaking into the games industry - now we’re slightly less new and back for round two! This year, we’ve got new friends, a mandatory fun new format, and we’re ready to share an uncomfortable amount of details about dealing with impostor syndrome in game development (and how you can best fight against it). Come join the Timezone Tango as we chat about our early failures and successes, red and green flags we’ve learned to spot, and tips on how to champion yourself in this industry when you feel like you’re slipping!


Walter Ferrell [Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment], Bernice Wong [UX Designer, Pixelberry Studios], Jimmy Zhou [Researcher, Riot Games], Arah Collins [Cinematic Designer, Supermassive Games], Megan Villablanca [Technical Artist, Ubisoft], Calliope Ryder [Gamerunner, Starcolt]