The Future of VR: Gaming, Medicine, Psychology and Beyond!

Have you noticed the boom in the Virtual Reality (VR) presence at PAX? Perhaps you’ve seen VR rooms in psychological practices or hospitals? That’s because VR is becoming the leading medium (and future) for all three! Join us as we discuss the current state and future of VR gaming with Talon Beesch (Oculus marketing), VR therapy with Dr. Ryan Kelly (Psych VR), VR app development and research with Dr. Jessica Stone (author of Integrating Technology Into Therapy), VR art and meditation with Sarah Ticho (HatsumiVR) and VR medicine with Dr. Walter Greenleaf (MediaX at Stanford). Demonstration videos provided.


Dr. K [Psychologist, GLU cofounder, Geeks Like Us, SEP], Dr. Walter Greenleaf [Neuroscientist, Medical Tech Developer, MediaX Stanford], Dr. Jessica Stone [Psychologist, VR app developer, Virtual Sandtray], Talon Beesch [Community Manager, Oculus], Sarah Ticho [Producer, Contemporary Artist, Hatsumi]