The Business Of Cosplay (PAX Edition)

If you haven’t seen Cosplay, you haven’t been to a convention. It’s a hobby that takes a lot of passion and dedication, a few of us have been so consumed by it that we’ve made it our career! From creating products for AAA games, working with brands and events, to literally writing the book on cosplay as a business, we’re talking about the trials and tribulations of working in the Business of Cosplay!


Michelle Krikowa [Writer, Community Manager, Events Manager, Freelance/Cosplay Central/GAMURS Group], Yaya Han [Designer, Cosplayer and Author, Yaya Han], JusZ Cosplay [Cosplayer, Spotlight Ambassador and Host, JusZ Cosplay], Henchwench & Scrap Shop Props [Prop Maker & Cosplayer/Frequent Blizzard Collaborator, Hench & Scrap Foundary], Philip Odango [Business Consultant, SINGER Sewing Company Brand Ambassador, Canvas Cosplay], Piltover City Customs [Cosplayer & Propmaker, Piltover City Customs]