Session Zero: Critical Conversations

Session zero is arguably the most important session in TTRPGs. When done well, it can help ensure everyone at the table is engaged and comfortable as they collaborate on building their world and story. But what goes into a healthy session zero discussion? Furthermore, what is the shelf-life of a session zero? Join our panel of mental health professionals and gamers as they seek to empower players by highlighting the critical elements of session zero, behaviors that signal it’s time to revisit session zero, and effective communication strategies during difficult conversations to make sure everyone at the table stays on the same page.


Elizabeth D. Kilmer, PhD [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow], Bhavika Parmar, M.A., NCC [Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Uplift Counseling Services & CHETNA], Shawna Spain [Volunteer Coordinator, Game to Grow]