Rx: Games as Social Healing

Gamers are often classified as antisocial and socially inept, who seek games to escape from their “failed” interactions in face-to-face communication and retreat into a reclusive and isolated space. Nothing could be further from the truth. Games are highly social spaces and have been dubbed by some as spaces for “emotional self-mediation”. That is, the social nature of games can be therapeutic to some.

Join this panel of experts as they explore this idea of games as social self-mediation. The panel includes psychologists, reseasrchers, community leaders, community managers, and professional dungeon masters. Together, they will explore the research and their first-hand experience at the power that the social nature of games have on those who play them.


Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This], Raffy Regulus [President, NYC Gaymers], Adam Davis [Founder, Game to Grow], Jenesee Grey [Community Manager, Good Shepard Entertainment], Dr. Jerome Anderson [Clinical Social Worker, US Public Health Service]