Roll for Healing: Therapeutic Game Master Round Table

The therapeutic use of role-playing games has all but hit the mainstream. Join us for a discussion between the top minds in the field of therapeutic role-playing about what makes their approaches similar, what defines them, and how you can make your own game better for you and your players.


Elizabeth D. Kilmer, PhD [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow], Adam Davis [Founder, Executive Director, Game to Grow], Bhavika Parmar, M.A., NCC [Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Uplift Counseling Services & CHETNA], Julia Stamman [Licensed Professional Counselor, Heart of the Realm, PLLC], Chris Spielmann [Teacher / Social Skills Game Master, STAR institute], Heather T. Whittall, PsyD [President/Clinical Psychologist, Boulder Valley Psychotherapy Inc]