Prescribed Respawn; The Gaming Emergency Department

With the lines between reality and gaming blurring more and more each year, it is once again up to the brave men and women of Prescribed Respawn to dive into the pixelated fantasy world of games, and bring back to you answers to those burning questions regarding your favourite digital identities and what fate awaits them in a world of applied physics and human physiology.

With topics like ‘Plagues in MMOs, ‘Stim Pack Addiction’ and ‘The Therapeutic Function of Chest High Walls’, the Gaming Emergency Department will resuscitate any player character to your last save point, guaranteed.

A dark mix of humour, morbid anecdotes, and some actual medical science, get ready to load up, log in and take your prescription; Respawn.


Dr Evil [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Enabler [Mr, Evil Corporation], Dr Death [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Bones [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Pain [Dr, Evil Corporation], Dr Doom [Dr, Evil Corporation]