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Planet Unknown on Sovranti

In Planet Unknown, players create a planet by placing tiles to cover the planet efficiently and also to build up your planet’s engine. Planet Unknown innovates on the popular polyomino trend by allowing simultaneous yet strategic turn-based play via the Lazy S.U.S.A.N. space station in the center of the table. Sovranti brings Planet Unknown online with rules enforcement. Pick a game. Invite your friends. Just hang out while we take care of the rest. Keep board gaming social while the system handles all the details: game setup, rules enforcement, whose turn it is and record keeping. Sovranti also provides prompts to help learn the game and make decisions faster. Play more games, play more often! Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Get a sneak peak of Sovranti before it’s released!

To download the Sovranti App, visit our website: If you have any questions about setting up the Sovranti App you can:

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