Pre-Recorded A Global South Initiative

Making games in the Global South is a privilege. How do we bring conversations about diversity and inclusivity from the realm of theory into reality at a global scale? How do we break down socioeconomic barriers and make opportunities accessible for everyone? Dive into the lived experiences of Lu Nascimento and establishing a truly diverse team with Bunnyhug Games, Sithe Ncube and her documentation of 1,000 African women in games through Prosearium, Ben Rausch’s work with Playtopia, Super Friendship Arcade, and Team Lazerbeam, Gwen Foster’s representation of Philippine culture with Chikon Club and Rising SEA, and Renee Gittins of IGDA on building resources and creating opportunities for communities across the world. These folks are working together to build - an initiative celebrating game development from the Global South. Learn how you can help build a truly diverse and inclusive games industry!


Gwen Foster [Senior Business Development, IGDA, Robot Teddy, Regional Coordinator for Asia-Pacific], Renee Gittins [Executive Director, IGDA], Lu Nascimento [Art Director, Bunnyhug Games], Sithe Ncube [Director, Prosearium], Ben Rausch [Team Lazerbeam, Playtopia, Arts & Words, Program Director]