Not Your Therapist: Managing Mental Health in Streaming

Streaming can be a fun activity with positive engagement, but it also can involve difficult conversations that people aren’t comfortable handling. For some, it can be challenging for streamers and moderators to address mental health concerns in and outside of chat. The goal of this panel is to educate best practices with online and face-to-face communication with streaming communities. This panel features mental health professionals to share advice about how they engage with their community and how to address mental health concerns appropriately and safely.


Emory S. Daniel Jr. [Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University], Marie Shanley [Mental Health Advocate/Content Creator, Mxiety], @Celesmeh [Founder/Streamer, Celestial Designs], @GamerDoc_ [Founder, GamerDoc], Shawna Spain [Accessibility Advocate, Spoon Conservatory], @DoctorsKilmer [Group Facilitator, Game to Grow]