Mission: Diversity and Inclusion Within Geek Culture

Diversity incorporates all of the elements that make individuals unique from one another, and while there are infinite differences in humans, most of us subconsciously define diversity by a few social categories, such as gender, race, age and so forth.  This panel focuses on how we, as people, can attend to diversity and inclusion best practices in our lives, professional environments, and around the world.  The panel experts will talk about their experiences and best practices in order to accomplish this across different cultures such as Anime, Video Games, TTRPGs, and more giving ideas and hope for the future.


Dr. Anthony Bean [Executive Director/Clinical Psychologist, The Telos Project], Dr. Nerak Dickerson [Licensed Professional Counselor, The Telos Project], Dr. Gaston Rougeaux—Burnes [Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice], Julia Stamman [Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice], Dr. Megan Connell [Clinical Psychologist, Southeast Psych], Mitchel Reed [President and CEO, UKnightedXP, Inc.]