Making a Difference with Playing Video Games in the Hospital

Thanks to the generosity of donors and fundraisers like you, Child’s Play Charity has been busy funding full-time Gaming Technology Specialists at Children’s Hospitals across the nation.

What are Gaming Tech Specialists?

We are the specialists who play with the kids who need it the most… and get paid for it! From D&D to Fortnite, Smash Bros to Beat Saber, we do it all with an eye to the therapeutic benefits games can provide. Come join a round-table of Specialists and learn about this exciting new field, how you can support us or make a living playing games with kids who need it the most yourself.


Marty McMahon [Child Life Gaming Activity Coordinator, Texas Children’s Hospital], Abraham Homer [Gaming Technology Specialist, Children’s Hospital Colorado], Connor Rivera [Patient Technology Project Manager, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital], Garret Goody [Therapeutic Gaming and Technology Specialist, Seattle Children’s Hospital], Mark Compas [Child Life Specialist / Technology Coordinator, Cohen Children’s Medical Center], Alexander Pereira [Patient Technology Specialist, Methodist Children’s Hospital]