How to Make the Worst Video Game Adaptations Possible

Game designers, writers, and comedians discuss the worst video game adaptations of all time and then work with the audience to come up with fictional ones that are even worse.

What would Uwe Boll’s Shaq-Fu look like? Which Tetris block should be played by Adam Sandler? How can we get Gilbert Godfrey to play the roles of both Banjo and Kazooie?

Hosted by game designer and podcaster Liam Edwards and television and video game writer Mike Drucker. Featuring an incredible line-up including; Detective Pikachu writer Dan Hernandez, Honest Trailers writer Danielle Radford, and game designer Xalavier Nelson.


Liam Edwards [Game Designer, Q-Games / Dad & Sons podcast], Mike Drucker [Television and video game writer, N/A], Dan Hernandez [Screenwriter, Detective Pikachu], Danielle Radford [Writer, Honest Trailers], Xalavier Nelson Jr. [Game Designer, N/A]