Go Get Em Girl! Enter the World of Gaming as a Woman

Women are underrepresented in the gaming industry and in tech more broadly. There’s pay gaps, discrimination, hate, and so much more. But that doesn’t need to stop you taking up the career of your dreams.

Here’s some kick ass women who are scoring goals on all fronts. From streaming to shout casting, journalism, building the largest esports arena in the Southern Hemisphere to running an all girls content team. These women have made it and they’re here to tell their story, inspire you, and teach you how to navigate the gaming ecosystem. No matter what your passion, or which area of gaming you want to get into, this is the panel for you girl!


Tequila Time [General Manager, SuperStellar], Vandie [Stream Manager, Content Creator, Legacy Esports], Maddie Brown [Product and Business Development, Fortress Melbourne], MishManners [Founder, MishManners]

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