Game and Interaction Design for Older Adults: That Means You (Someday)

In 2019 adults over the age of fifty spent more than 3.5 billion dollars on video games, an increase of more than 2.9 billion dollars compared to purchases in 2016. Part of this increase has been driven by the fact that Gen-Xers began entering their 50’s in 2015, this year older Gen-Xers turn 55.  That’s right, the first generation that grew up with video games is continuing to play them, and clearly there’s a profit to be made. Join a panel of expert researchers and designers to discuss how game developers can better approach the needs of older adult gamers, so that we can all continue to play engaging games for years to come.


Michelle Gaudette-Long, Ahmad Azadvar, Robin Koman, Dr. Hannah Marston, Sheri Graner Ray, Dr. Bob De Schutter