Dungeons & Dog Tags: Enhancing Veteran Mental Health with TTRPGs

TEN-HUT! Gaming of all types is a common past time among service members seeking diversion, social connection, and/or team building. But what about life after the military? Multiple challenges are inherent in the transition from military to civilian life. Additional challenges arise in the presence of mental illness. Individuals experiencing mental illness can be impacted by reduced opportunities for social interaction, atrophied functioning, and overreliance on medical professionals to help them solve their problems. Join our panel of mental health professionals and innovators as they discuss the therapeutic potential of TTRPGs among a veteran population. From formal treatment to game store self-care, learn how TTRPGs can be intentionally leveraged to cope with change, foster camaraderie and teamwork, and promote personal growth and development.


Adam Davis [Founder, Executive Director, Game to Grow], Jared N. Kilmer, PhD [Director of Counseling Services, Game to Grow], Elizabeth D. Kilmer, PhD [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow], Allison Battles, PhD [Therapeutic Game Master / Post-Doctoral Fellow, Minneapolis VA Medical Center]