Ages 13+, Pre-Recorded

Drink This: How to Create Game Themed Cocktails You’ll Love

Hello adventurer! You fought through the dungeon, sailed the open sea, rescued the princess, and somehow managed not to get eaten by a grue. Take this cocktail, you’ve earned it!

Our geek cocktail expert, Lynn, will guide you in shaking up cocktails that will invoke the enchanting worlds and unforgettable characters of games you know and love. Learn with our panel of games industry experts as we explore how to incorporate innovative ingredients to create thoughtful, well-balanced game-themed cocktails and mocktails together. Follow along with the ingredient list, get creative, and explore how to use your newly leveled-up skills to design your own recipes!


Lynn Richter [Owner, AwkwardNerd Events], Nika Nour [Executive Director, IGDA Foundation], Anya Combs [Director of Games, Kickstarter], Jerry Belich [Game Designer, Alt Ctrl Wizard]