Diversity is Not a Gimmick—Prioritizing Inclusion in Tabletop

Come join Skybound Tabletop and friends as they discuss the need for diversity in the industry. Diversity and inclusion are necessities that are vital to our community and require thoughtful consideration. It is not right to watch the community grow and not let the content and makers of our games grow as well. Our industry has been treating diversity like a gimmick, and that just makes it ten times harder for others to take this seriously. Let’s talk about what we’ve been doing already and what more we can do in the future to expand our games, people, and community in general.


Maya Coleman [Kickstarter Manager, Skybound], James Hudson [Senior Director of Tabletop, Skybound], Anya Combs [Director of Games, Kickstarter], Jeremy Howard [Contributor, Man vs Meeple], Marcus Ross [Operations Manager/Lead Game Designer, Water Bear Games], Cara Michele Ryan [Art Director/Game Designer, Water Bear Games]