Did Animal Crossing Save Our Souls?

We’ve all been playing more games during the Covid-19 pandemic, whether it’s sneaky Switch sessions during Zoom meetings or filling the void of furlough with playthroughs of the latest blockbusters. But how has this increase in gaming affected us? Many have mused that games help us cope with the stress, uncertainty, and misery of the pandemic, and connect with people online when we cannot connect in person. Others have voiced fears that lockdown is the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy gaming habits. So what do we actually know? Join games researchers Dr Rachel Kowert, research director of the mental health in games charity Take This, Dr Sebastian Deterding, who leads the COVID-19 and Games Research Observatory, and ethicist Dr Catherine Flick, of the Ask an Ethicist booth at PAX East, in a discussion about the impact of games on us during the lockdown, all based on the latest research.


Dr Catherine Flick [Reader in Computing & Social Responsibility, De Montfort University], Dr Sebastian Deterding [Reader, University of York], Dr Rachel Kowert [Research Director, Take This]