Designing for Divergence: Making mentally accessible games

Button remapping. Difficulty settings. Colorblind mode. UI text you can read. These are all accessibility settings we know and love, but what happens when you have ADHD? What about anxiety? PTSD? How do we make games more accessible for folks with an assortment of mental health conditions?

Come join industry veterans from across the neurodivergent spectrum as they talk about games that have treated them well, how they’ve incorporated mental wellness lessons into their work, and what games should do going forward to be as loving and accessible as possible.


Jacob Vander Ende [Game Designer, Spriteborne], Alanna Linayre [Founder, Team Toadhouse], Jerry Belich [Experience Designer, Independent], Kells Tate [Co-Founder, Peachy Keen Games], Kartikay Kini [Indiedev, Finite Reflection Studios], Tiffany Otto [Director of Partnership/Sponsorship, IndieCade]