Collegiate Esports during COVID-19

COVID-19 has radically changed the esports industry, causing many sectors to flourish, while forcing others to adapt.

Collegiate Esports which has mainly thrived on live events, has gone through some dynamic and promising expansions in what it could be due to COVID, both institutionally and in the overall ecosystem. Both universities and brands are diving deeper into the collegiate esports space as traditional sports are put on hold. Join some of the biggest leaders of collegiate esports, as well as the new leaders of collegiate under COVID as we discuss the new collegiate landscape.


Dylan Liu [CEO, Uconnect Esports Inc.], Kevin Hoang [Scholastic Partnerships, Twitch], Mike Aguilar [Lead Esports Club Advisor, University of Oklahoma], Ryan Marsh [Operations Executive, ICGN], Bobby Thakkar [Founder, Flock]