Boxed Text Brawl: Writing Better Adventures

Regardless of the RPG system, one of the most controversial design elements is the boxed text. Good boxed text is hard to write, and bad boxed text can ruin a good adventure. Opinions range on how to do it right, and some industry experts think boxed text should be eliminated. Join RPG designers and experts LaTia Bryant, Celeste Conowitch, James Introcaso, and Shawn Merwin as they discuss, argue, and flip a table or two on the topic of boxed text. Part instruction, part debate, all fun! Whether you’re a GM, player, or game designer, this panel will have something for you.


Shawn Merwin [Freelance Designer, Encoded Designs], James Introcaso [Freelance Designer, Worldbuilder Blog], Celeste Conowitch [Freelance Designer, Venture Maidens], LaTia Bryant [Community Manager and Designer, Adventurers League]