Ask the Cast! Overwatch Voice Actors at PAX Online

Here’s where you’ll get to pose your questions to the voice cast of Blizzard’s hit shooter Overwatch in a live session! The moderator will take your questions in the Twitch chat and make sure you get answers to (almost) anything you’re curious about in their experiences in voice over work, video games, and the Overwatch fandom.


Jen Cohn [Voice of Pharah], Anjali Bhimani [Voice of Symmetra], Paul Nakauchi [Voice of Hanzo], Crispin Freeman [Voice of Winston], Feodor Chin [Voice of Zenyatta], Jeannie Bolét [Voice of Echo], Carolina Ravassa [Voice of Sombra], Keith Silverstein [Voice of Torbjörn], Boris Hiestand [Voice of Sigma], Lucie Pohl [Voice of Mercy], Josh Petersdorf [Voice of Roadhog]