Ask Game Lawyers Anything: This Normally Costs Money!

We’re a group of video game and esports enthusiasts who happen to be lawyers. We met at PAX and other video game and lawyer conventions (yes, those are a thing) and have been speaking at PAX events for years about legal topics near and dear to our digital pastime. We have topics we can talk about if nobody’s brave: influencer advertising; loot crates; IP law; corp stuff; trademarks; but we’d love to answer YOUR questions and give out legal info on video game and law topics

Note: We can’t give specific legal advice; we aren’t insured for that! Use hypotheticals, people!


@RyanJBlack [Partner; Co-Chair, Startups, Emerging Companies & Technology, DLA Piper (Canada) LLP], @AngeloAlcid [Technical Deal Consultant, gtech, Google], @yeuyan_ [NCSOFT, Associate General Counsel], @BrandonJHuffman [Odin Law and media, Founding Attorney], @MattDobill [Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Selz, Associate], @PureGenieUS [ESG Law, Of Counsel]