Acq Inc Preshow: “C” Team’s Better Advice Panel

Are you blessed with a group of small animals that sees to your personal grooming each morning? Does speaking in the glossolalia of the resonant and maddening voice of your eldritch Patron make you a hit at parties? Or perhaps you’re cursed with a tail that has a mind of its own. Or are you given more jars of eyeballs than you know what to do with? Like seriously. Jury’s still out on where the Light of Lathander falls.

Well, have no fear, because Acq Inc’s The “C” Team is embarking upon their most obligatory quest yet! Furnish them with knowledge of your own personal blessings and curses, and they will tell you how to survive, exploit, and capitalize on them in-character! Joined by Trystan Falcone (Walnut), Kris Straub (K’thriss), Ryan Hartman (Donaar), Kate Welch (Rosie), Anna Prosser (Evelyn), and Jerry Holkins (Omin).


Trystan Falcone, Kris Straub, Ryan Hartman, Kate Welch, Anna Prosser, Jerry Holkins