September 21st, 2020

PAX Online is 100% Complete

The digital dust on the first PAX Online is settling and we just want to thank our Enforcers, Discord and chat moderators, Exhibitors, and YOU, the fans that form the PAX Community.

Missed any of the show? Visit The Official PAX YouTube where all the livestreams will continue to live. Subscribe to get updates and be the first to know when individual panels will be posted.

To all students of PAX Online MMXX, be sure to download your digital diploma that certifies you as an Authenticated Online Gamesperson. Prepare to be the envy of all.

Want to let us know what you thought of PAX Online and what you’d like to see at future digital events? Fill out our survey to give us a piece of your mind.

We’ll be going into defragmentation mode for a bit, but we’ll be sharing news regarding PAX in the weeks and months ahead.

See ya’ll soon!