September 2nd, 2020

PAX Online Merch!

PAX West and PAX Aus weren’t able to happen this year, but you can still check out the merch if you want to get some of the cool blue and gold color schemes. The items are available in the merch tab, or right here if you would prefer.

Now you might be asking, hey PAX, that’s all well and good but I like pins. Where can I get those exclusive Limited Edition Pins? We we have those available as well within the collections, but we are here to help, so if you want a direct link head here for PAX West and here for PAX Australia.

Make sure you act fast. You’ve only got a few more days until the PAX West and Australia collections aren’t available. If you have already purchased your cool Seattle and Melbourne items and want to get these new rare PAX Online items we have you covered. We are going to put up the special Online collection during the 9 day run of the show. It will only be available during PAX Online and then will be gone forever.