September 18th, 2020

PAX Online Day 7 Wrap Up

PAX fans celebrated Spirit Day like only PAX fans could: with aplomb. Mounting their gaming battlestations, outfitting themselves in the collected armor (aka PAX merch) that they collected at prior shows, and generally impressing the internet with their appreciation of their PAX Online university. See the gallery here and you can still send in your photos on Twitter and Instagram by using #PAXOnline for the chance to win some exciting PAX merch of your own.

88Bit, the alter ego of Cleveland-based composer/pianist - Rob Kovacs, performed a dazzling accompaniment of classic video game soundtracks.

John robertson led players through THE DARK ROOM: A sadistic, retrogaming game show that places the audience inside an interactive text-adventure.

And of course, one can’t forget Acquisitions Inc. As the heroes return from the depths of Avernus, they find that Acq Inc has undergone a reorg since they’ve been gone. Missed the epic? Catch it here!

There’s still 2 days of PAX Online left. Prepare thyself.