September 17th, 2020

PAX Online Day 6 Wrap Up

Settle down students, you are more than halfway through the semester and well on your way to a bright and shining future with your degree in gaming. Rest up and be sure to come in fresh & ready for your remaining days of study.

There are over 250 games in the expo hall just waiting to be discovered by hungry students of games. Uncover ones that you can play right now, such as Spellbreak and Justice Sucks: Recharged.

What if you are one obsessed with games played on a table? We’ve organized these into a convenient location as well. There’s enough to whip any experienced explorer into a frenzy of delight… but calm yourself adventurer, there’s enough for everyone.

Have a favourite gaming scene from a movie? Join the Clocked team and special guests as they dive into the decorated history of video games on the silver screen.

There is a special Steam event page dedicated to all the games in the expo hall, and for the first PAX ever, we’ve got an amazing selection that combines PAX Indie Showcase and PAX Rising titles as well as EGX’s Leftfield Collection - A hand picked selection of eclectic and independent games that sometimes even stretch the definition of the word “game”. If that piques your curiosity, it’s time to dive in.

Catch up on your classes on our YouTube. Videos are available on demand as the streams end each day, so be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for any events you may have missed.

Lastly, tomorrow is PAX Online Spirit Day! Embrace your digital experience and share your PAX University spirit with selfies of you sporting your PAX finest using #PAXOnline on Twitter and Instagram.