September 16th, 2020

PAX Online Day 5 Wrap Up

History will remember this day… as the first 5th day of PAX since its birth in 2004. 

For any of the streaming content you couldn’t consume on this day, visit PAX’s YouTube to catch the replays.

Music for your ears: Hear the 20+ years of game history in A Musical History of Zelda, or experience The Power of Sound at the Gaming Table, and enjoy a happy hour with ConSoul.

Take a long rest to regain your spell slots and settle in to watch Roll for Healing: Theraputic Game Master Round Table, Session Zero: Critical Conversations and Rx: Games as Social Healing.

Level up your young minds with panels from professionals. Add to schedule: Going the Distance (Learning) with Games, Creating the Quest - An Indie Game Level Design Panel, and You’re never too Young to Learn: Game Design in Schools

The heroes at PAX Australia have fun planned all night long including the finals for Telstra Tourneys Rocket League and CouchWarriors: Street Fighter V tournaments.Think you have what it takes? Sign up at the official PAX Discord.  You can also donate to GenerOZity as they raise money for CureCancer

PAX Online continues until the 20th. See you there.