September 13th, 2020

PAX Online Day 2 Wrap Up

Any day PAX can raise $11,852 for Child’s Play Charity while watching a Make-a-Strip panel is a great day. Thanks to all of our donors making the world a better place.

During our extended global Saturday hours, our friends at EGX celebrated history in 20 years of Arkane Studios, and discussed the values of Mental Health and Tabletop.

What Does Roguelike Mean in 2020? An in-depth discussion of the origins of the roguelike subgenre from game devs who make them and play them.

Black in Gaming (BIG) Awards: They’re simply the best, and deserve to be celebrated.

Who is the Biggest Name in Games We Can Get to Join our Zoom? You’ll have a blast seeing who joins the call, from PA alumni and other crazy antics, who knows who they’ll call next!

Omegathon Round 1: Our Omeganauts found out QWOP is infuriating to play. We’re sure you’ll find much more enjoyable games to demo on the PAX & EGX Digital Show Floor.

Speaking of Omegathon, have you setup your Omegathon fantasy league? Join the Official PAX Online Discord and choose your players. Hint: You may have to play a bit of PAX Explorer in order to !look into how to make your fantasy picks.

We’re handing it off to Australia, where tournament sign ups are waiting for you! Role play your way through the work week (wait you didn’t take vacation for this?), or find your new favorite VALORANT team in a match. Browse and sign up to play video games here, and role playing games here and here!