September 12th, 2020

PAX Online Day 1 Wrap Up

Only one day of PAX Online has passed and there’s still 8 more days to go.

Have you joined the PAX Discord yet? It’s THE place to interact with the community and keep all the great conversations from these streams going.

In addition, we’ve tossed a few games and experiences in there too. Check out the PAX Explorer channel and have a !look around.

Join the Discord at

Also, behold: The Virtual Expo Hall where you can explore a massive list of games from devs and studios and still be home by dinner. Get it? Because you never left home.

Did you miss any of the spectacular speakers or panels that presented today? If so, don’t fret. That content is everfresh on the internet. We recommend these highlights:

Storytime with Mike Pondsmith - An inside look into the career of the visionary creator behind Cyberpunk 2020.

Goodnight Mr. coconut: The Rise and Fall of Neopets - Who could have imagined the complex and rich tapestry that is the legend of Neopets? Welcome to your new favorite history subject.

PAX Orientation for the Virtual World - Is this your first PAX? Or maybe just your first Virtual PAX? Of course it is. Learn the tips and tricks you need to know to get around!

Meet the Omeganauts - They’re champions. They’re warriors. They’re Omeganauts. Get to know them before they’re run through the gauntlet.

Stay tuned for more of that sweet PAX content- same PAX channels all week long.