Server goes live soon

The Rules of PAX Online

We have worked hard to take the spirit of PAX and bring it to a Discord server, and we hope you’ll find a home there to hang with people who love gaming as much as you do.

If you’ve never used Discord before, you should find it a useful tool to connect with folks in the same way you could at a physical PAX. You can find more information on what Discord is and how to use it in the Beginner's Guide to Discord. If you have used Discord before, we’ll warn you this isn’t like most other servers you’ve probably been a part of. There are activities and easter eggs abound, but you won’t find them if you don’t !look around.

Like any PAX, there are six rules meant to ensure everyone feels welcome, but those rules are a little different for our Discord server vs. our other events. Please familiarize yourself with each one.

1. Don’t harass anyone.

This is a pretty broad one, but the bottom line is no harassment of any kind is welcome at PAX. This includes harassment based on gender identity/expression, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, political affiliation, religion, or literally anything else. PAX is a celebration of games and the culture around it, and we’re all here because we love games. If you can’t celebrate the differences, at least celebrate the commonality.

2. Don’t be a jerk.

Along the same lines, mind what you say. Think about the language you use and how it may be interpreted by people with different experiences than you. The PAX community spans the entire globe and is a wonderfully diverse group, and it’s profoundly important to us that everyone who loves gaming feels welcome here. Also not being a jerk means please don’t cheat or hack any games while playing with others, let’s just have fun.

3. Don’t post NSFW content.

PAX Online is a family friendly event...if you wouldn’t send it to your grandma, don’t post it in chat. This means no links to or images of anything sexually explicit or suggestive, realistically gory or violent, or anything else that a reasonable person would find inappropriate.

4. Don’t talk about piracy.

We’re here to celebrate games! Talking about how to steal games undermines the hard work of the people who made all this possible. The people who have spent their lives mastering the craft of making games deserve to be compensated for their work, and more selfishly, it’s in our best interests if they are motivated to continue doing so.

5. Don’t advertise stuff.

The PAX Online Discord server is meant for fan discussion, so posting unsolicited links to your blog, social media channels, livestreams, business website or any related links to self-promote or promote a business you work for isn’t okay. PAX has plenty of avenues for promoting products and services applicable to the gaming industry, and if you are interested in advertising with us you can reach out and we’d be delighted to help get your message out in an appropriate way.

6. Listen to the mods.

If a Moderator, PAX Staff, or Enforcer reaches out asking you to change your behavior in some way, please follow the instructions given to you. On our Discord server, you can recognize our mods as their names will be red. They are here for the health of the community, and we can’t do it alone...we need your help.

The Reporting Procedures for all six rules is the same as any show. Notify a Staff Member or Moderator, email, or Report the comment directly on the platform you are using. With your help, we can keep PAX safe and secure for everyone.

In addition to the rules above, our lawyers have additional Terms and Conditions you must agree to before you begin participating. Review our full code of conduct, and by joining our server you accept those terms.