• Streams

    Broadcasting 3 streams from 3 continents, 24 hours a day over 9 days, all hosted from one place.

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  • Discord

    PAX has always been a community event, and Discord is where that community will live at PAX Online.

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  • Exhibitors

    We’ve brought together all sorts of developers and publishers from all over the gaming industry, all of them eager to show off what they’ve been working on.

  • PAX Arena

    What happens when you bring the world’s most competitive gamers together and pit them against each other for fabulous prizes?

    PAX Arena Schedule
  • Playable Games

    We wouldn’t dream of having a PAX without giving you the chance to demo new and upcoming games!

  • PAX Together

    PAXTogether is a curated selection of games and groups meant to celebrate a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within gaming, especially from marginalized or minority groups. Whether you’re here to meet old friends or find new faves, we aim to have something for everybody.

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  • Merch

    Collect souvenirs of foes vanquished, obstacles conquered, and the friends you made along the way at the PAX Online merch store.

    Official PAX Store
  • Omegathon

    We’ve randomly selected 6 intrepid fans to compete in a tournament spanning the length of PAX. This sinister 6 will battle round after round for your entertainment, culminating in a spectacular showdown to determine who wins…and who tries again next time!

  • Performances

    These are some of the biggest, most exciting events PAX Online, including but not limited to Acquisitions Incorporated!

    Meet the Performers
  • Child's Play Charity

    Founded in 2003, Child’s Play provides games and technology to over 180 Children’s hospitals worldwide. Learn how to be a gamer who gives back by supporting the official charity of PAX.

    Support Child's Play
  • AFK Room

    Providing tools to improve mental health and wellness, AFK room is an online resource for tackling offline obstacles.

    Learn More About AFK
  • Game Events

    Coordinated gaming in a non-competitive setting. Find new friends while playing old favorites.

  • Indie Showcase

    After checking out several hundred indie game showcase submissions, these are our very favorites, covering a wide range of genres.

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  • PAX Rising

    The PAX Rising is a curated list of games from independent developers that can’t wait to show you what they’ve been cooking up.

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  • Tournaments

    If you’re eager to put your skills to the test and compete with fans from around the world, we’ve got a tournament for you.