It’s everything you love about PAX, but in your own home! Panels, games, tournaments, exhibitors, and of course the gathering of the PAX community united in celebration of games and gaming culture. Keep an eye on our schedule page for a more detailed rundown of everything PAX Online East encompasses.

July 15-18. On the interwebs!

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Everything that takes place on our main streams (aka stages) and access to our Discord is completely free!

PAX Online East will be streaming everywhere we can possibly stream. We recommend watching PAX Online’s Twitch or YouTube Stream, but we’ll also be streaming to Twitter and live on Facebook!

Make sure to Follow PAX Arena on Twitter for announcements about Esports streams, coming at you direct from PAX Arena Twitch and PAX Arena YouTube channels.

Here’s a checklist of what you need to complete your PAX Online East quest:

  • A solid internet connection from July 15th through the 18th.

  • Devour our schedule, which will provide a lot more context for all our content.

  • Follow our social channels for information about where our streams will be happening

  • Join our Discord server to reunite with the incredible community of PAX Arcadians.

  • Some good snacks - probably.

Reader, there is so much to PAX Online East beyond our wealth of streamed content. Swing over to our Discord where you can hang out with other PAX fans, host or join games, compete in tournaments, ask panelists questions, explore the expo hall, check out the playable games on our Steam page, and more, more, MORE!!!

More info on our expo hall will be coming soon— Stay tuned!

Nice to meet you, Game Company! Our Exhibitor Interest Form is a great place to start, but you can also email us at paxsales@paxsite.com.


You can ask us questions on social media, or email us directly at pax_questions@paxsite.com to get in touch.

Don’t.  Just...DON’T! You can read more about our harassment policies here.

We’re cautiously optimistic for PAX West September 3-6 and PAX Unplugged from December 10-12. If you’re from the land down undah, PAX Aus is slated for October 8 - 10. Of course plans can, have, and continue to change based on the safety considerations, but those are our plans for the time being.


Of course! PAX “going online” generally means the addition of Streamed Content, and we’ve got three channels worth running nonstop each and every day.

Check out our schedule page for details.

The PAX Online East Discord will host channels dedicated to each stream, both for live chat and continuing discussions about each panel’s content. We’re also strongly encouraging our presenters to be a part of the Discord server during their sessions, so there’s a good chance they’ll be there to provide additional context and answer any additional questions you may have.

Some are and others aren’t. We’ve pre-taped as much content as possible to ensure quality and minimize potential tech hiccups, but there are some panels that simply must be broadcast live. For the sessions that are not live, check out our Discord server, the panelists may just be in there fielding questions in real time!

Maybe! If the session has been pre-recorded, there’s a good chance they’ll be in the Discord server specifically to answer questions, provide additional information, and otherwise be available.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but that’s the best bet.

It’s entirely possible! We generally open panel submissions 3-4 months before showtime.  We also recommend you follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter to minimize the chances the window passes you by.


There will be! Stay tuned, content will be coming in as the show approaches.

This is PAX, of course you can! Join our Discord server to find folk to play your favorite games with.

We’re probably not the best resource for tech support, but we find Discord’s FAQ page does a great job of covering a wide variety of issues and setup problems.

Once you do get it working, make sure to read and pay attention to the PAX Discord rules.


PAX may be happening in virtual space but its associated wares are both 3-dimensional and occupy objective space! Head to our store to browse our Merch.

Of course, and there will be some EXTRA special merch available for those who’ve purchased a PAX Online Badge.

We do not ship until we have all of the components of your order in our fulfillment center. Head to our store for more information about when specific items will ship.

Maaaybe, but some of the super special, limited edition merch is exclusive for holders of the PAX Online Badge, and if that’s you, you should have received details via email.

Would it be a PAX without them?  But some of the figurative purple drops are only available to those who’ve bought a PAX Online badge.