So, what can I do at PAX?

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PAX Online has multiple streams ongoing ranging from cultural icons to developer heroes to content creator superstars and all stops between. For the full rundown of our streaming menu, click below.

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PAX Online Indie Showcase

We’ve looked at over a hundred Steam games this year, and we’ve compiled the best of the best together right here.

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Playable Games

We think of PAX as a festival of games, so we’ve partnered with gobs of devs and publishers to get an onslaught of playable demos in your hands.

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PAX Arena

The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! The stakes are intense and the competition fierce as our top tier virtual combatants face off for fame, glory, and riches.

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Nothing can stop the steady march of the games industry, and you better believe developers and other game industry folk are INCREDIBLY excited to show you what you can look forward to.

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PAX Merch

Commemorate the enemies you conquered and the friends you made along the way at the PAX Online merch store.

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